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Analog Snap - Lightroom Presets

Analog Snap - Vol 1 - Preset Pack

Analog Snap - Vol 1 - Preset Pack

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This collection features all 6 of our presets and their variations - Portra, Fuji 400h, Cinestill 800t, Cinestill 400d, Kodak Gold, and Kodak Ektar plus the Halation Photoshop Actions. This preset pack offers incredible value, allowing you to save over 20% compared to purchasing the individual film stocks separately

  • Analog Snap_Cinestill 400d_35mm
  • Analog Snap_Cinestill 400d_120
  • Analog Snap_Cinestill 800t_Cool_Night
  • Analog Snap_Cinestill 800t_Neutral_Day
  • Analog Snap_Ektar100_120
  • Analog Snap_Ektar100
  • Analog Snap_Fuji 400H_Underexposed
  • Analog Snap_Fuji400H
  • Analog Snap_Kodak Gold_120
  • Analog Snap_Kodak Gold_35mm
  • Analog Snap_Kodak Gold_Underexposed
  • Analog Snap_Portra 400_35mm
  • Analog Snap_Portra 400_120mm
  • Analog Snap_Portra 400_Underexposed
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A ton of fun

These presets are well designed and I’ve had a blast going through my photos and applying film emulations and making prints. I’m astounded by how good some of the photos look. Also, the Cinestill halation actions for Photoshop are particularly ingenious. The pack is super reasonably priced for what you get too.

Rachel Woods
Performs as expected!

It’s like fricking loading film into my fricking digital camera

Film and Digital Photographer

These presets are incredible! As a film and digital photographer it’s pretty cool I can apply these presets to some of my digital photos and get an amazing film look out of them. Can’t wait to keep playing around with them!

The most authentic film simulation presets I have ever used

Analog Snap has the most authentic film simulation presets I have ever used. They capture the nuances and charm of film photography and translate them beautifully to my digital images. Whether I shoot with Canon, Fujifilm or even my iPhone, they always deliver stunning results. If you want to recreate the film look without breaking the bank, Analog Snap is the perfect choice for you.