Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a beginner, anyone can effortlessly achieve the authentic film look in their digital photos

Achieve amazing results, effortlessly.

Get the look you want in seconds. Or fine tune using the power of Analog Snap and your cameras' raw files.

Created using real film & color charts

Analog Snap presets were created by shooting real film side-by-side with multiple digital cameras to ensure we've captured the essence of each stock we've emulated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will these work with Lightroom Mobile?

Yes! These presets will work properly in Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile (though the halation Photoshop actions do require Photoshop)

What is the return policy?

These are digital downloads and therefore are not eligible for returns. Luckily our presets cost the same as roughly one roll of film (you can't return those either.)

What's the best way to use Analog Snap presets?

Shoot raw! Import your raw file into Lightroom and select your preset. Then adjust white balance and exposure sliders to achieve your preferred look!

Can I request a film stock?

Heck ya! We're constantly working to develop new presets of new and expired stocks. Send us an email!

How to Use Analog Snap Presets